BALLY HOOLEY Does that sound Irish to you? Well, you may well be right, as this was the name given to the end of the train line located up the Mowbray Valley more than a hundred years ago, most likely by an Irish immigrant.

Nowadays, Bally Hooley is a locally owned family company operating a historic train service for visitors and locals, between Bally Hooley Station at The Reef Marina, and St Crispins station.

Mowbray is the diesel locomotive travelling on most days, with special appearances by Speedy or Bundy, the coal-fired steam locomotives. Our steam trains Speedy and Bundy, operate on Sundays and for special events.Speedy and Bundy, are both over 55 years old. They were the very last steam locomotives used by the Mossman Sugar Mill to haul the sugar cane from the fields to the region’s Mill before switching over to diesel locomotives. The historic track on which these trains run has been in existence for over a century.
A trip on board the Bally Hooley from the Bally Hooley Station at The Reef Marina through to St. Crispins Station and return, is a leisurely one hour trip. Departing The Reef Marina Station, enjoy a panoramic view over the Harbour, before the train passes through tropical mangroves set against a stunning backdrop of the Daintree mountain ranges. After a quick stop at the Mirage Country Club and at QT Resort, the train heads on towards the picturesque St. Crispins Station where the vibrant lakeside Choo Choos Cafe is located. St. Crispins Station is also located close to the Ramada, Rydges Reef and Pool resorts. While the locomotive is uncoupled, and prepared for your return journey, you may like to enjoy a brunch, lunch, a refreshing drink or an ice cream at Choo Choos while taking in the grand lake view and the panoramic Mirage golf course.
★ Bally Hooley Train Enquiries & Charters
The Bally Hooley is available for charters and events. Please visit our website and complete the enquiry form or ask one of our friendly crew at the Bally Hooley Ticket Office. We also have an information service with recorded message on the latest timetable updates available on 0403 068 505.
Trips on the Bally Hooley can be organised in conjunction with a Choo Choos dining package and a cruise on the Choo Choo Explorer. Discover our 3-in-1 package tour.




Bally Hooley Port Douglas

42 Wharf St Bally Hooley Station, The Reef Marina, PORT DOUGLAS, QLD 4877

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