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22 Dec 17

port douglas parties with a fun, flavourful festive season

Port Douglas is revving up for a mammoth festive season with resorts and restaurants putting a tropical spin on the Christmas spirit and planning for New Year celebrations that will make the place pop.

13 Sep 17

tourism port douglas and daintree launches new website with itinerary planner

Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree (TPDD) has launched its new website, making it easier than ever for visitors far and wide to get inspired, do the sums and plan and book their itineraries on the site.

03 Sep 17

tpdd launches goes “au natural” with new brand

Tourism Port Douglas and Daintree (TPDD) will today launch a fresh new brand that speaks directly to the reef and rainforest region’s target markets.

15 Aug 17

douglas shire dives into reef opportunities

The reef tourism sector in the Port Douglas and Daintree region is showing a loud and clear confidence in this billion-dollar industry with extensive investment in dive adventures and diversification in overall reef experiences.

07 Aug 17

port douglas’ food scene completes reef and rainforest experience

Port Douglas’ thriving café scene, fine dining and popular food events such as this month’s Taste festival are hitting the mark with locals and visitors seeking to complement the soul-pleasing reef and rainforest experience with a little gastronomic pleasure.

11 Jul 17

port douglas back in focus as conference centre of choice

The weak dollar, Australians and New Zealanders opting for regional travel and the lure of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree rainforest are all contributing to Port Douglas’ revival as a national and international business events and conference centre.

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